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The El Dorado restaurant in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico opened its doors in 1922 under the name "El Caballo Blanco", (The White Horse) and operated as a casino and restaurant until 1926, when Mayo Bessan bought it and changed the to "Cadillac Bar"

Mr. Bessan being from New Orleans, and of French Origin introduced fine cuisine and special drinks, such as the famous New Orleans Gin Fizz and the Sazerak.  Mr. Bessan started the tradition of good food, excellent drinks, and excellent service, reasonable prices, and a fine atmosphere, a formula that has proved to be successful. 

Mayo Bessan was succeeded in 1958, by his son in law Porter Gardner, (an aggie) who difficult as it may seem, improved upon the tradition.  Anyone who had the privilege of meeting Porter, cannot help but have fond memories of such a fine man.  When he retired in 1980 he left the business to his loyal employees. 

The employees shortly thereafter, sold the business to Ramon Salido and Octaviano (Chito) Longoria, who successfully operated the business until September 1991 when the partnership was dissolved.  As of that date the sole owner is Octaviano Longoria.  The Restaurant was operated by his son, also nicknamed Chito (a Longhorn).

On January 1, 1992 the restaurant changed its name to the "El Dorado".  On April 1, 1994 Pablo (another of Chito's son) took over, and is striving to continue the fine tradition that started almost 82 years ago and hopes it keeps being the favorite place south of the border for all Texans.

On September 2, 1997, the place was remodeled by the architect Alice Longoria, (Chito's daughter).

In February, 2002 an agreement was made to bring the famous El Dorado from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to Austin, Texas.  El Dorado will provide you with 82 years of dining experience, international cuisine and world renown drink recipes, served overlooking the Colorado River.  Your hosts, Craig Gatewood, Danny Davis and Lawrence Berry welcome you to El Dorado Austin. 

"It's never too far to the El Dorado Bar"


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